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Survey Questions

1. Do you believe the level of state funding for schools is adequate?
Yes No
2. Do you support school reform
Yes No
if so, what do you suggest?

3. Do you favor a tax increase to provide more money for schools?
Yes  No
4. Would you support any kind of tax increase?
Yes No
5. Would you support diverting money going to the coal tax trust fund for education? This would not reduce the amount of money currently in the fund.
Yes No
6. Its estimated Montana will have a $206 million budget surplus after setting aside $72 million for emergencies. If true, what should our top Three priorities be for the excess money?
1. Funding programs that used “one time” money in last session?
2. Education?
3. Income tax or property tax relief?
4. State employee pay raises?
5. Human services?
6. Save it?
7. Other ideas?

7. Would you favor passage of a general sales tax if it went to a vote of the people and reduce or eliminate property taxes after trying it for two years? NOTE: Montana’s constitution limits a sales tax to no more than 4%. It would take a 2/3 vote of the people to change it, which is very unlikely.
Yes No
8. What are the top Three priorities you believe the 2005 Legislature should achieve?
Cut government spending
Increase education funding;
Lower property taxes;
Improve jobs/economy;
Expand social services;
Lower income taxes;
Protect the environment;
Expand development of our natural resources; ect, ect??

9. Should restrictions be placed on cell phone use by motorists?
Yes No
What type?

10. Would you favor amending Montana's gasoline standard requiring a ban on MTBE (this is a very dangerous additive that could cause cancer if spilled and has been banned in California and other states) and requiring a blend of 10% ethanol in all gasoline effective July 1st, 2007? For more in see ethanol page and ethanol link

Yes No

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